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Sorvall RC 5B Superspeed Centrifuge

  • The durable- high capacity refrigeration system maintains precise operating temperatures without the need for a vacuum.
  • Bichromatic optics. Standard model includes four filters- six filters are available for a nominal charge
  • Intuitive levers or knobs make parameter setting fast and easy
  • 2 positions for reagents at 37 C (one with magnetic stirrer)
  • Accurate speed control from 500 to 21000 rpm
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Complete Product Description

The Sorvall RC-5B are the gold standard of reliability in superspeed centrifuges. The RC-5B centrifuge drive systems are equipped with a Universal/Drive motor- designed and manufactured by Sorvall- with automatic programmed acceleration and braking features. The motor armature is balanced to give quiet operation with minimum vibration over a full range of speeds. This feature extends the life of the bearings and brushes.

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Sorvall RC 5B Superspeed Centrifuge Specifications

Max. Speed 21-000 rpm
Max. Force 51070
Measurement Channels 4
Max. Rotor Capacity 4 independent alarmed timers
Accel/decel rates : 1 acceleration- 2 deceleration
Speed range rpm : 500-21000
Speed control accuracy : +/- 1 percent or 100 rpm- whichever is greater
Temperature set range C : -20 to +40
Temperature control C : +2 to +37 at maximum rotor speed
Temperature accuracy C : +/-2
Amb temperature range C : 15 ? 38
H x D x W inch 45 x 39 x 30
Weight 680Ilbs

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