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ChemWell 2910 Immunology and Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

  • Continuous Loading
  • Handles up to 27 reagents, 96 samples
  • Probe washes inside and out
  • Washes 8 wells at once
  • Completely open system - easy to program
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Complete Product Description

The ChemWell 2910 Immunology and Clinical Chemistry Analyzer is a fully automated analyzer capable of running both EIAs and general chemistries in standard microwells.

ChemWell is a completely open system that is easy to program. Set up assays, routine jobs, quality control, panels, and even index calculations to suit your laboratory. With a completely open system you can program additional wash volume, increase the number of washes, or even direct the probe to pick up and dispense a probe cleaning solution after each specimen. And it is entirely password protected.

Precise pipetting of low volume specimens, elimination of carryover, and careful control of temperature are all essential for reliable results. ChemWell 2910 Immunology and Clinical Chemistry Analyzer can make pre-dilutions, however, this is often not necessary since a high level of precision is achieved even with a 2uL sample. ChemWell 2910 Immunology and Clinical Chemistry Analyzer can process EIA at ambient temperature or 37C. An incubator is provided for biochemistry wells to provide precise kinetic reactions. The probe is also temperature controlled to deliver 37C reagents.

RCA - Reagent Cooling Accessory now available for ChemWell. Protects reagents from ambient heat. The removable racks can be refrigerated, pre-loaded, and ready for the next use.

ChemWell is designed to maximize dependability, versatility, and economy.

ChemWell uses standard, off-the-shelf microwells for all reactions. Performing biochemistry assays in microwells offers many advantages such as increased throughput and decreased cost per test. Uncoated microwells make low volume sample cups for biochemistry. They can also be washed for re-use.

ChemWell 2910 Immunology and Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Features

  • Continuous Loading - Instead of collecting a batch of specimens for a run, tests and samples can now be run on demand, even while other tests are running
  • Calibrators and Controls can be run at any time and independently of tests, allowing you to update stored curves and validate tests as required. If tests associated with the newly loaded calibrator were already running, the sample concentrations for that test will be automatically adjusted for the new curve.
  • Results for individual samples can be accepted or re-run for verification, simply by clicking a button; no need to set up a new job or reposition sample cups when re-testing
  • Sample and Reagent positions can be moved around using the Windows "drag and drop" feature
  • Assay programming is greatly simplified
  • Report formats are easier to modify
  • Handles up to 27 reagents, 96 samples
  • Probe washes inside and out
  • Washes 8 wells at once

ChemWell 2910 Immunology and Clinical Chemistry Analyzer Specifications

Typical throughput up to 200 endpoint reactions per hour, up to 170 kinetic reactions per hour
Dimensions 36.25" (92.1cm) left to right, 18.75" (47.6 cm) height, 21.5" (54.6 cm) front-to-back
Approximate weight 100 lbs (45kg)
Reagent and Sampling Dispensing
Capabilities Dilution, pre-dilution, dispensing single or multiple reagents
Probes 316 stainless steel for maximum reagent compatibility, level sensing
Maximum number of specimens 96
Maximum number of reagents Typically 27 to 44 or more (you can program reagents to go in the sample rack; assorted replaceable racks and custom designed racks are available for various bottle sizes)
Standard reagent rack 27
Reaction Vessel Standard micro wells, strips or plates
Instrument bottles 2L wash with low volume warning sensor, 1L rinse (or second wash) with low volume warning sensor, 2L waste bottle with full sensor. 1L priming bottle
Incubating, timing and temperature control
EIA Mode Incubation timing is software controlled; set each row of 8 to time separately or time the whole plate together.
Thermal control Well, probe, and tubing; ambient or 37C (other options also available)
Reagant cooling RCA, Reagent Cooling Accessory optional) cools 12 to 15C below ambient through peltier thermoelectric modules connected to an external controller
Wash head 8-probe, automatic prime and rinse
Programs Create and run user programmable protocols, aspirate, dispense, soak, mix...
Optical design Reads absorbance in 4 simultaneous channels, NIST traceable calibration user selected monochromatic or biochromatic results 8 position filter wheels: 340, 405, 450, 505, 545, 600, 630, 700 or custom
Interference filters Long life, hard coat, ion assisted deposition, 10nm typical half bandpass
Linear Range -0.2 to 3.0A
Photometer Accuracy +/- 1% or better
Certifications NRTL Listed, CE Marked

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